November 18 Fast Trackers

We are an amazing group  — despite our penchant for orderly chaos, Friday’s meeting proceeded without a hitch.

The meeting began on a serious note when Table Topics Master, Cindy Foster, informed us of last night’s car accident  where at least one local teenager was killed.  Many members knew these children, so please keep their families in your thoughts as the community deals with yet another teen-age driving tragedy.

On a lighter note, the prepared speakers talked about giving, grit and gratitude.  Jane Laughlin spoke about a Big Band Ball which highlighted the founder of Volunteers in Medicine, a group in which she is involved. Kevin’s icebreaker melted our hearts with the tale of how he got to Hilton Head, and Sharon inspired us with a story about her plucky but futile claim against  a hack mechanic who butchered  her white Miata, named Vanna. (get it….Vanna White??!)

While the court did not find in favor of Sharon’s Vanna, the moral of her story is………. if you find yourself at J&S Automotive in Sheridan Park, you might want to keep going….

Winners for Friday morning, November 18 at Toastmasters were:


BEST EVALUATOR: Janet Williams

BEST SPEAKER: Sharon Fisher


There is no Fast Trackers meeting the Friday after Thanksgiving, but members are are invited to Starbuck’s for coffee at 9am.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.

Roles for December 2 meeting are still open. Paul Glick is Toastmaster.  Please sign up for roles during December.

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