July 18 FastTrackers

President Rosemary Staples called the meeting to order and elicited  some comments from Paul Glick about his recent address to the State Insurance Planning Commission concerning the coming effects of the Affordable Care Act.

Rosemary  then introduced the Toastmaster of the Day Maureen Korzik.

There’s no way around it; Wordmaster Angel Flewelling challenged members to incorporate circumvent into their diction for the day.

David Premo posed the morning’s Table Topics questions. Cindy Foster responded describing her role as a mother being preparation for her current status as a grandmother. John Wigington  told of how one of his senior executives recently announced that he “owed it all to Toastmasters International.” John Turley delineated the features and activities that make a day a “perfect 10” for him.

In the planned speeches, Kathy Diello, explained the differences between a motivator and a nag. The key to success is carefully matching key motivators with each person’s personality type. Jolyn Deboer, took us on a whirlwind tour covering some 50,000 miles in one month. While living out of a suitcase, Jolyn dealt with business, a family death, and a sick daughter/travelling companion. Jane Jude then demonstrated a “hands free” application of PowerPoint in her speech “Don’t Lean on Your Lamppost.” She took an idea from the July 2014 issue of Toastmaster magazine and waltzed through a speech keeping in perfect step with 20 slides which changed at exactly 20-second intervals.

“Best” ribbons of the day went to John Turley and Jane Jude, along with Tom Drago for his evaluation of Kathy’s speech.

Forget the comedy club, on Friday, August 22,  FastTracker Toastmasters  will hold its annual Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest.

Dinner will begin at 6, in the Community Room of Palmetto Electric on Matthews Drive. The contest, and ensuing laughter, will follow promptly at 7pm. Dave Pautler will be Chief Judge; Tom Drago is making the arrangements and will serve as Contest Master for the event. Winners will advance to the Area 15 Contest on September 6.


Roles For July 25 Meeting                   Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
WordMaster Maureen Korzik
Ah Counter Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Grammarian John R Wigington
Vote Counter Elizabeth Millen, ATM-S
Timer Brad Tadlock
TableTopicsMaster Cindy Petitt, CTM
Speaker #1 Tom Drago
Speaker #2 Rex Gale
Speaker #3 Rex Gale
Johnny On The Spot Charlie McOuat, ATM-S
General Evaluator Alison Meeks, CTM
Evaluator #1 Chris Cassidy, CTM
Evaluator #2 Janet Turley
Evaluator #3 Janet Turley



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July 18 FastTrackers meeting at Palmetto Electric


Just a reminder  -  FastTrackers ToastMasters IS meeting at the Palmetto Electric building, Friday, July 18, NOT the Fire Station as was previously announced.

See you Friday.

Rosemary Staples

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TM 101.1 Giving a “Sandwich” Evaluation

Toastmasters,  …….**this is the first in a series of tips to help you understand Toastmasters and becoming a better speaker. Enjoy!
When you are an Evaluator, do you ever find yourself tongue-tied or disorganized? Anne Cyran once stated, “Good evaluations are the hardest thing to do in Toastmasters.” Very true, but who evaluates the evaluators? Often overlooked, these important commentators receive little feedback and even less direction. So…at the July 8 Board meeting, club officers decided to provide some tips for giving better evaluations.
We’ve included a recipe for the Sandwich Evaluation, or how to roll a meaty evaluation inside light-hearted wrappings!
Recipe for Sandwich Evaluation 
1. Begin with a strong positive statement about an aspect of the speech that impressed you most.
2. Highlight 3 or 4 positives about the speech and 1 or 2 areas for next time improvement.
3. Highlight one excellent point.
4. Close with words of encouragement.
REMEMBER: The meat is the most important part, but fine bread makes for the best sandwiches.  Always suggest at least one area for improvement and give specific suggestions on how to improve, ie. “Step into another spot on the stage between your transitions to signal another part of your story.”
P.S.While it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, new members should give at least four speeches before giving a first evaluation.
Rosemary Staples


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July 11 FastTrackers

Incoming president Rosemary Staples called the meeting to order and introduced the Toastmaster of the Day Tom Drago. Before turning the gavel over to Tom, Rosemary elicited from him some comments about his recent address to a meeting of area church leaders.

Wordmaster John Turley challenged members to incorporate palmy into their diction for the day.

Charlie McOuat posed the day’s Table Topics questions. Jolyn DeBoer spoke of her summer book reading habits, with the concession that this year, following the Netherlands’ team in its climb to a third place World Cup finish obviated much of her reading time. Alison Meeks explained her optimistic approach to the vicissitudes of life and left us all on a peak.

In the planned speeches, David Premo, noting that the information superhighway is also the road to the dump, warned of the pitfalls of taking the wrong exit and suggested how to find the most direct route to sound research. Janet Turley, claiming the southern roots of her childhood, offered a hilarious guide to becoming a Southern Belle. She left the audience with both the translations and proper delivery techniques of the unique dialect of “girls with pearls.” Who knew “bless your heart” is a curse?

“Best” ribbons of the day went to Jolyn and Janet, along with Beau Patterson for his evaluation of Janet’s speech.

Beau, a member of the board for 2013-14 officiated over the installation of the incoming board for 2014-15: President, Rosemary Staples; VP Education, Maureen Korzik; VP Public Relations, David Premo; VP Membership, Anne Cyran; Secretary, Kathy Diello; Treasurer, Rex Gale; Sargent at Arms, Sharon Fisher.

In her first remarks as president, Rosemary noted the challenge of maintaining the long tradition of success of prior boards, including the President’s Distinguished Club designation for the year ending June 30, 2014.

Mike Sanz, former FastTracker, attended. About a year ago, Mike left the area  for his career. Now he is returning to HHI and FastTrackers. Welcome back, Mike.

The July 18 meeting location has been changed back to the Palmetto Electric Community Room on Matthews Drive.

Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Maureen Korzik
WordMaster Angel Flewelling
Ah Counter Chris Cassidy, CTM
Grammarian Shannon Stephens
Vote Counter Cindy Petitt, CTM
Timer Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
TableTopicsMaster David Premo
Speaker #1 more
Speaker #2 Jolyn Deboer
Speaker #3 more
Johnny On The Spot Sharon Fisher
General Evaluator David Pautler, ATM-G
Evaluator #1 Tom Drago
Evaluator #2 Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Evaluator #3 Janet Turley


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June 27 FastTrackers

Elizabeth Millen, opened her last meeting as President of FastTrackers. Thank you, Queenie, for your support and leadership this past year and for all the good times. And a big thanks to the the 2013 board for once again achieving the President’s Distinguished Club status!  Charlie McOuat introduced his friend and first-time guest, Temour, a literacy student from Russia. Welcome Temour and please come back.

 Chief Brad Tadlock, fresh from the fire station, served as first-time Toastmaster.  Also, Dee Oulette debuted as Table Topics Master, broaching the subject of wild animals. Tagging baby penguins precocious pacaderms, and shoveling elephant poo were among the range of topics discussed. John Wigington won Best Table Topics with his “impersonation” of a 27th degree-master elephant. And a special note goes out to Brad and Dee for taking the bulls by the horn…..who would ever know that either of you were rookies?! 

Maureen Korzik finished her Competent Communicator manual today,  with a compelling address about attitudes on disability in an inspirational speech. Todd Drago talked about  his 14-year-old experience flying an airplane while Charlie McOuat closed the line-up with a passionate appeal to stick with Toastmasters due to the doors membership to FastTrackers has opened for him.

Maureen Korzik won Best Speaker and Anne Cyran won Best Evaluator for her comments about Maureen’s speech.

It has been my pleasure to post these posts the past two years as VP Public Relations. Next post will be posted by Professor Premo, our new VPPR. I for one, expect he will lift the bar a big bit..SO – if you have not signed up to automatically receive these posts, please do so. Simply log onto toastmastershhi.com and add your email address.  Rosemary Staples

NO  MEETING FRIDAY, July 4, but meet up with members at Starbucks, 9am for a cup of coffee Meeting agenda for Friday, July 11 below. Note we need 1 speaker and 3 evaluators are needed, so please go online to www.toastmastershhi.com to sign up.

Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Tom Drago
WordMaster Nancy E Stauffer
Ah Counter Dee Ouellette
Grammarian Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Vote Counter Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
Timer Cindy Petitt, CTM
TableTopicsMaster Charlie McOuat, ATM-S
Speaker #1 David Premo
Speaker #2 signup
Speaker #3 Janet Turley
Johnny On The Spot David Pautler, ATM-G
General Evaluator Maureen Korzik
Evaluator #1 signup
Evaluator #2 signup
Evaluator #3 signup
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FastTrackers June 20

Toastmaster David Premo opened the meeting on the day before the summer solstice and set the theme of “midsummer eve.” He explained the differences between solar, cultural, and calendar summer seasons.

Table Topics Master Charlie McOuat continued the midsummer theme with questions regarding ‘your most special summer day…summer plans…and the best summer of your life. Cindy Foster garnered the Best Table Topic ribbon with her explanation of how summer can provide grandmothers with a “do over” of playing with and nurturing another generation of children.

Both speakers inspired their colleagues by delivering inspirational speeches and by individually completing their Competent Communicator requirements and ensuring Fast Trackers merits a President’s Award for member development during the year ending June 30.

John Wigington explained how compassion is the glue that helps people feel whole again when they feel a bit chipped or cracked. Sharon Fisher delivered a patriotic address in which she described the United States by using the metaphor of The Liberty Tree. John won the Best Speaker award.

Chris Cassidy took Best Evaluator honors for her critique of Sharon’s speech.

Area Kathy Diello announced the new slate of officers whose service will begin on July 01: President, Rosemary Staples; VPEducation, Maureen Korzik;VP Public Relations, David Premo, VP Membership, Anne Cyran; Secretary, Kathy Diello; Treasurer, Rex Gale;Sargent at Arms, Sharon Fisher.

Next week’s agenda is printed below. Remember, if you cannot fill your role, please find a substitute.

Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Brad Tadlock
WordMaster Kathy Diello, ATM-S, AL
Ah Counter John Turley
Grammarian Alison Meeks, CTM
Vote Counter Daisy White
Timer Janet Turley
TableTopicsMaster Dee Ouellette
Speaker #1 Maureen Korzik
Speaker #2 Tom Drago
Speaker #3 Charlie McOuat, ATM-S
Johnny On The Spot Rex Gale
General Evaluator Angel Flewelling
Evaluator #1 Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
Evaluator #2 David Premo
Evaluator #3 Rosemary Staples, ATM-S, AL


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June 13 FastTrackers

The regular FastTrackers Meeting opened at 7:45 Friday morning with Elizabeth Millen leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Kathy Diello recognized the 25th anniversary of Fast Trackers Club and thanked co-founder David Pautler for his years of service and faithful contributions. And, Kathy, who did a masterful job as the Area 15 Governor,  will serve out a second term. (The new board is on board and will be announced in another blogpost.)

We had three members who spoke at public events:Beau Patterson, Shannon Stephens and Elizabeth Millen.  Good going, guys and gal.

Beau Patterson, did a super uber job as Toastmaster of the Day.  Paul Glick as Table Topics Master, and elicited memorable  comments on such topics as: predator birds, 90th birthday parachute jump of George H.W. Bush, Fathers Day and cool kids in high school.  Charlie McOuat won Best Table Topics with his comments on fatherhood.

David Premo presented Protein Power, a visual aid speech that explained how science and medicine are close to PREVENTING disease by manipulating those zillions of DNA and RNA molecules. Imagine, just go to the doc and he will pluck out that square AT in your genome……! Ann Cyran read aloud an excerpt from Bill Bryson’s, One Summer, about boxer Jack Dempsey in 1927 America. David Premo won Best Speaker and  Rosemary Staples won Best Evaluator for her evaluation of Anne’s speech.

NOTE: Since July 4th is on a Friday, we will PROBABLY meet at Starbuck’s in lieu of our regular meeting. Stay tuned. Also note that on  July 18, we will meet at the Fire Station on Dillon Rd.

The agenda for June 20 is printed below. Remember, if your name is on the schedule and you cannot fulfill your role, please, please find a sub. Just go to club online/meeting details. You will see a nifty list of those members who ARE available for roles. It’s easy, and helps eliminates that last minute, Friday-morning scramble!

June 20 Toastmaster Roles

ToastMaster David Premo
WordMaster Dee Ouellette
Ah Counter Brad Tadlock
Grammarian Tom Drago
Vote Counter Cindy Petitt, CTM
Timer Kathy Diello, ATM-S, AL
TableTopicsMaster Charlie McOuat, ATM-S
Speaker #1 John R Wigington
Speaker #2 Sharon Fisher
Speaker #3 Laura Hill
Johnny On The Spot Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
General Evaluator Beau Patterson, ATM-S
Evaluator #1 Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Evaluator #2 Chris Cassidy, CTM
Evaluator #3 David Pautler, ATM-G
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June 6 FastTrackers

Elizabeth Millen opened the Friday morning FastTrackers meeting, and updated the audience on the the Appetizer Awards at Kathy Diello’s party the week before. Members from Bluffton’s group, Paula and  Dorothy, took home the 1st and 2nd prizes and Elizabeth Millen placed third with her bacon/blue cheese delight.
FastTrackers received a surprise visit from wayward member, Chad Beauchamp, who is looking to rearrange his schedule so he can be at Toastmasters more often. Welcome back and was terrific to see you. And, Nancy Stouffer joined the club this morning. Welcome aboard, Nancy and glad to have you as our newest member.
Rex Gale , back from Ted Talks in Savannah, served as Toastmaster of the Day.(stay tuned for a video of his Ted speech - will be posted on this blog.) Alison Meeks served as Table Topics Master, and asked expansive questions about pipe dreams, toilet paper and rabbit feet….Beau Patterson won Best Table Topics of the day.
Looking toward the future seemed the theme of today’s speeches. John Wigington talk, Envision, focused on financial planning for retirement. Maureen Korzik talked tips from Switch, a book about how to make those habitual changes so deeply grooved within us. Finally, in  her talk Hurtle,  Sharon Fisher coined a new word from Hare and Turtle,  and inspired us to HOP toward our future goals. Maureen Korzik won Best Speaker and Jane Jude won Best Evaluator.
Next week’s agenda is below.  As you see, we have plenty of spaces that need filling, so sign up online please and let’s have another great meeting next week!
ToastMaster more
WordMaster more
Ah Counter Cindy Petitt, CTM
Grammarian John R Wigington
Vote Counter Dorlis Ouellette
Timer more
TableTopicsMaster Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Speaker #1 David Premo
Speaker #2 Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
Speaker #3 Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
Johnny On The Spot more
General Evaluator more
Evaluator #1 more
Evaluator #2 Rosemary Staples, ATM-S, AL
Evaluator #3 Rosemary Staples, ATM-S, AL
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May 30 FastTrackers

Elizabeth Millen opened the Friday morning FastTrackers meeting, reminding members of the post-Memorial Day party, May 31, at Kathy Diello’s home.  Fun, festivities flags, and an appetizer contest are on the agenda, and the top favorite foodies will be featured in Pink Magazine’s July issue.
Speakers about town…Shannon Stephens announced he will soon host a Rotary Club dinner.
John Wigington spoke at a non-profit meeting and Chief Brad Tadlock made a financial case for his fire station at HHI’s tax commission meeting. Apparently, twas a resplendent week for Speakers About Town..
Nancy Stauffer visited a second time and joined the crowd at Starbucks.
First speaker, Rosemary Staples, asked for volunteers to join the new Board of Officers beginning July 1.  John Wigington gave healthful stats and tips from the new book, Eat Right, Move More, Sleep Better, such as tracking 10,000 steps a day (almost five miles). Lastly, in tribute to the passing of Maya Angelou, Charlie McOuat read her poem, Phenomenal Woman, followed by HIS rendition of Phenomenal Man. 
Jim Bremner won Best Table Topics; Beau Patterson won Best Evaluator and Best Speaker ribbon went to John Wigington.
Next week’s agenda is below.  You can see we need THREE EVALUATORS  and one VOTE COUNTER. First one to sign up gets the job!  See you next week.
ToastMaster Janet Turley
WordMaster Daisy White
Ah Counter Rosemary Staples, ATM-S, AL
Grammarian David Premo
Vote Counter more
Timer John Turley
TableTopicsMaster Alison Meeks, CTM
Speaker #1 John R Wigington
Speaker #2 Maureen Korzik
Speaker #3 Sharon Fisher
Johnny On The Spot more
General Evaluator Angel Flewelling
Evaluator #1 more
Evaluator #2 more
Evaluator #3 more
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May 23 Toastmasters

Elizabeth Millen opened the Friday morning FastTrackers meeting and welcomed two new guests, Barbara Newby and Shane Smith.

Janet Turley, Table Topics Master, invited three members to talk about magazines, newspapers and being in charge of the world.  Rosemary Staples won Best Table Topics.

Only two speakers today, as Rex Gale delivered an extra-long talk, his last practice speech before ramming it home at Ted Talks in Savannah next Friday!  Go REX!! Janet Turley demonstrated the ancient Chinese “dance” of  Chi Gong,and encouraged us to attend classes at Jarvis Park, 9am, Monday and Thursday mornings.  Try it, you might like it! Janet Turley won Best Speaker. No Best Evaluators today as neither qualified for time.

Remember the party this Saturday, invitation is below.

 Join your fellow Toastmasters from Area 15 for food, festivities and fun!

Who:  All Area 15 Toastmasters, guests and significant others 

When:  Saturday, May 31st    6:00 p.m.

Where:  Kathy Diello’s home, 23 River Oaks Drive, Bluffton

Cost:  $2 donation per person

Bring your favorite appetizer (and recipe) to pass.  We will be voting for the best appetizers!

Hot dogs, marshmallows and soft drinks will be provided.


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