Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest Results

by Area Governor and Fast Tracker, Kathy Diello

Thank you Tom Drago (Contest Master) for a wonderful speech contest! Congratulations to everyone who participated.  All three speeches were well prepared and funny!  We heard three productive and helpful evaluations too!  I love that about our club; our evaluations are always well done with highlights of what the speaker did well and helpful suggestions for “next time.” It was nice seeing former Fast Tracker, Jodie Randisi, the “target speaker” for the evaluations, as she humorously encouraged us to “Put it in the Planner.”

Humorous Speech Contest Results:

1st Place  David Premo

2nd Place Charlie McOuat

3rd Place  Janet Turley

Evaluation Contest Results:

1st Place  David Premo

2nd Place Rex Gale

3rd Place  Paul Glick

The Bluffton Toastmaster club’s contest is Thursday, August 28th at 6:00 p.m. with light refreshments.  They meet in the fellowship hall of the Low Country Presbyterian Church on the corner of Simmonsville Road and Hwy 278.  They are looking for judges and other role players to help out.  If you can join them, please contact their club president, Jim Nicholson.  Please contact Jim at

Finally, I hope you will come out to support our contest winners and the rest of Area 15 at the Area Contest on Saturday, September 6th at 9:00 a.m.   Light refreshments at 9:00 with contest starting at 9:30 a.m.  All contestants, judges and role players must be there at by 9:15 a.m.  The contest will be held at Palmetto Electric’s New River Community Room, 1 Cooperative Way, Hardeeville (Hwy 278 across from USCB).

I  need judges and other role players (timers, ballot counters, SAA, etc.).  Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you can assist.  If you do not want to fill a role, I hope you will still come out and cheer on your fellow Fast Trackers!

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August 22 Fast Trackers

Something was visibly different in the meeting room Friday morning. There were no reserved seats for speakers or evaluators.  Rosemary Staples, president, opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. She then introduced, Janet Turley, Toastmaster of the day, whose idea spawned this special meeting during which more than a dozen members delivered an “elevator speech.” Imagine 45 minutes of table topics with no challenging questions; everyone got to speak about his or her favorite topic: self, business, philanthropy…! Almost everyone participated before the clock ran out.

Before the elevator doors opened, Word Master Dee Ouellette challenged everyone to incorporate “solicitous” during his or her two-minute elevator ride to the top.

Rex Gale captured the only ribbon of the day for his elevator speech about Toastmasters.

Two guests joined us: Greg Joseph and Ezwil Peregrino, both are health care practitioners and new to the island. Welcome Greg and Ezwil, we hope to see you again soon. Later that day the same room looked even more different when set up for the dinner and contest.

August 29 Meeting Roles

Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Sharon Fisher
WordMaster Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Ah Counter Dee Ouellette
Grammarian Janet Turley
Vote Counter Daisy White
Timer Cindy Petitt, CTM
TableTopicsMaster Alison Meeks, CTM
Speaker #1 Brad Tadlock
Speaker #2 signup
Speaker #3 Special Event
Johnny On The Spot signup
General Evaluator Tom Drago
Evaluator #1 signup
Evaluator #2 signup
Evaluator #3 Special Event
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August 15 Fast Trackers

President Rosemary Staples opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. She then introduced the Toastmaster for the day, Jolyn DeBoer, who asked each of the day’s participants to describe his or her respective role.

First up was John Turley who, as Word Master, called on his colleagues to take up the verbal gauntlet of “sagacious” and weave some description of “sound judgment” into their orations during the meeting.

Table topics master Daisy White encouraged contemplative yet impromptu responses to her three questions. Chad Beauchamp—who rejoined Fast Trackers after the meeting—addressed the issue of people presenting a false persona to the world. John Turley chose his father as the person to whom he would give tribute based on his father’s style of teaching with positive reinforcement. Charlie McOuatsuggested why his wives provided models of emotional intelligence.

In the prepared speeches, Anne Cyran displayed abundant visuals while detailing the Matthews Drive renovation project recently undertaken by the city. Janet Turley provided handouts along with guidance on crafting an effective two-minute “elevator pitch.” David Premo suggested Fast Trackers combine the heuristics of journalism with two of the seven Paramedic Editing steps to develop shorter but stronger prose.

Tom Drago, Contest Master for our annual Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests reminded us of the August 22 agenda. The club will provide meat for dinner at 6:00 p.m. Members are encouraged to bring a guest and a (preferably full) covered dish. The annual Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. All events will be in the Community Room of Palmetto EMC on Matthews Drive. Tom is accepting late entries and still has some roles to fill if you want to participate in the fun without speaking.

“Team Turley” left the meeting with two of winners’ ribbons: John Turley for best Table Topic and Janet Turley for best prepared speech. Paul Glick won best evaluator honors for his review of Janet’s speech.

“New” member (actually renewed) this week is former Fast Tracker Chad Beauchamp. Welcome back, Chad.


Special Meeting Format Set For August 22
All who wish to can practice their 2-minute ‘elevator speech’ introducing yourself, your organization, or your passion in life. There will be no individual evaluations. This event will be in lieu of Table Topics, prepared speeches, and evaluations for this meeting only. Anyone who missed Janet’s guidance on “Perfecting Your Personal Pitch” this past Friday can follow this link to some help preparing an elevator speech:
Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Janet Turley
WordMaster Dee Ouellette
Ah Counter Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Grammarian Tom Drago
Vote Counter Cindy Petitt, CTM
Timer open
General Evaluator David Premo


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August 08 Fast Trackers

President Rosemary Staples opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. She reminded the members of the upcoming August events starting with how to write an elevator speech at the regular meeting on August 15. August 22 will see a special meeting with Table Topics, speeches and evaluations replaced by elevator speeches. Everyone can participate, and there will be other roles for member to take as well. Later on August 22, Fast Trackers will have dinner at 6:00 p.m. followed by the annual Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests at 7:00 p.m. All events will be in the Community Room of Palmetto EMC on Matthews Drive.

Rosemary then introduced the Toastmaster for the day, David Premo. Since this was Fast Trackers’ last meeting during the Dog Days of 2014, David provided some history on the 70 days each year when Egyptian astronomers lost sight of Sirius, the dog star.

Just as Sirius returned in what it is now early August, Helen Price was back for a day during her summer sojourn and stepped into the role of Word Master challenging members to incorporate penchant into their oratories for the day.

Table Topics Master Maureen Korzik   focused on literature, historical persons, and popular culture.

Mike Sanz fielded the literature question and recommended a book – “Love You Forever” about the cycle of life. Originally published as a children’s book, the manuscript was the surprise of 1995 and has sold more than 15 million copies.

Charlie McOuat had to select a hero for his Table Topic. A humorist himself, Charlie first thought of Mark Twain. Then Charlie’s baseball fan persona recalled the day Stan Musial and he were in a newspaper photo when Charlie was about nine. Ultimately, Charlie decided ordinary people who face life with humor and grace are his ultimate heroes. Alison Meeks expressed similar feelings when asked about guests she would interview were she a talk show hostess. Alison noted everyone has some special and interesting qualities, not just celebrities with notoriety.

During the prepared speech section of the meeting, Kathy Diello opened with an online demonstration of the layers of information and services Fast Trackers can find behind the “members only” firewall at the Toastmasters International web site.

Next Tom Drago used visuals aids as he detailed the responsibilities and duties of Bank Compliance Officers. Not only do compliance offices ensure institutions meet all legal requirements, they even have the power to feed a Toastmaster to an alligator (only in figurative analogies, fortunately).

In the final speech of the morning, Cindy Petitt declined visual aids in favor of body language in her speech about poise and gestures while delivering a speech. She led an exercise to help us find our natural posture and showed us which postures to avoid. Additionally Cindy explained and demonstrated the four fundamental gestures of public speaking: counter, claw, slice, and sweep.

“Best of” winners for the week were Mike Sanz (Table Topics), Cindy Petitt (Prepared Speech), and Rex Gale for his evaluation of Cindy’s speech.


Roles for August 15 Meeting Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Jolyn DeBoer
WordMaster John Turley
Ah Counter Kathy Diello, ATM-S, AL
Grammarian Elizabeth Millen, ATM-S
Vote Counter Dee Ouellette
Timer Cindy Foster, CTM
TableTopicsMaster Daisy White
Speaker #1 Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
Speaker #2 Janet Turley
Speaker #3 David Premo
Johnny On The Spot Available
General Evaluator Cindy Petitt, CTM
Evaluator #1 Tom Drago
Evaluator #2 Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Evaluator #3 Sharon Fisher


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August 01 Fast Trackers

President Rosemary Staples called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance. She then reminded the members of some special events in August:

  1. At  the regular meeting 0n August 15th  Janet Turley will present an instructional speech on writing an “elevator speech.”
  2. August 22nd  Fast Trackers will hold a Special Meeting devoted to everyone practicing his or her 1-2 minute “elevator speech.”  There will be no planned speeches or evaluations this morning. There are roles for those who want to participate, but not deliver an elevator speech.
  3. Later on the 22nd Fast Trackers will hold the annual Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest:  Dinner at 6:00 PM with meeting at 7:00 PM in the Palmetto EMC Community Room. Speeches will be five–seven minutes, and think humor, not comedy; chuckle, not guffaw. The evaluation contestants will all critique the same speech by a guest “target speaker” for whom the Contest Master is arranging.  Send an email to Contest Master Tom Drago to reserve your spot for either competition.

Rosemary then yielded the lectern to Toastmaster Shannon Stephens who set the theme for the meeting with some events that occurred on the first day of August throughout history.

Word Master Cindy Foster displayed the eager energy that defines the word for the day: ardor/ardour. It also means the intense but fleeting feelings of love associated with youth.

Topic Master Beau Patterson, preparing to host his family’s reunion, sought suggestions for the event.  Alison Meeks reminded everyone that people and relationships are what matter in life, not events.  Dave Pautler reminisced about some favorite comfort foods his mother prepared. Sharon Fisher recalled her family reunions past and expressed hope she will be remembered as fondly as her late mother is.

During the prepared speeches, Maureen Korzik answered the rhetorical question Why Toastmasters? This speech was the first step in her journey though the Advanced Communication Series in Public Relations Tom Drago stressed research points in his speech on the short term benefits and longer term costs of procrastination.Anne Cyran, in what may have been a warm-up for the humorous speech contest, regaled us with tales of My Three Cats.

The three “best” ribbons for the meeting went to Alison Meeks, Tom Drago, and Cindy Petitt, for her evaluation of Maureen’s speech.


Roles for August 08, 2014 Members Signed Up
ToastMaster David Premo
WordMaster more
Ah Counter Janet Turley
Grammarian Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Vote Counter more
Timer more
TableTopicsMaster Maureen Korzik
Speaker #1 Cindy Petitt, CTM
Speaker #2 Tom Drago
Speaker #3 Kathy Diello, ATM-S, AL
Johnny On The Spot Jolyn DeBoer
General Evaluator Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
Evaluator #1 more
Evaluator #2 more
Evaluator #3 Jolyn Deboer



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July 25 Fast Trackers

Rosemary Staples opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, and inquired about any recent speaking engagements. Rex Gale responded that he had spoken to a group of HR professionals since the last Fast Trackers’ meeting.

Rosemary then surrendered the lectern to the Toast Master of the Day, Anne Cyran.

Word Master Maureen Korzik showed no lack of originality when she challenged the members to use the word “bromidic” during the meeting.

Paul Glick was ah counter.

Grammarian for the meeting was John Wigington.

Brad Tadlock kept the times.

Mike Sanz, who recently returned to Fast Trackers after a sabbatical for business, served as vote counter.

Cindy Petitt posed the Table Topic challenges, first asking John Turley to describe himself dancing. John suggested the process could only be initiated with a six-pack and some classic rock. Next, Kathy Diello when charged to outline a terror story, quickly decided it would be about going to boot camp.

The first prepared speech of the day wasn’t prepared at all. Rosemary Staples gave an impromptu speech on rejuvenating a staid toastmaster group with some unexpected and unpredictable meetings. Ideas included grab bag meetings, “backwards” meeting, various themes and an explanation of speech marathons, which are club events with only speakers and evaluators. One of her ideas will come to fruition in August.

Rex Gale delivered a Better Series speech on selecting speech ideas and offered a plethora of ideas for finding speech topics. Watch for a complete list of ideas in the upcoming TM Tips 101.2 on One of his best tips though was “use your eyes.” Look around you; observe and ask about the simple things.

John Turley won Best Table Topics.

Janet Turley won Best Evaluator.

Rex Gale won Best Speaker.

Mark your calendars; there are some Fast Tracker specials coming up that you won’t want to miss:

August 15: Janet Turley will tell us how to prepare the essential “elevator speech.”

August 22: the meeting will be a “career day.” Rosemary will provide details forthwith. Later that evening we will have our Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contest, at 7pm, following dinner at 6pm.

Plenty of opportunities remain for roles at the August 1st meeting:

Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster more
WordMaster Cindy Foster, CTM
Ah Counter David Premo
Grammarian Angel Flewelling
Vote Counter Michael Sanz
Timer Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
TableTopicsMaster Tom Drago
Speaker #1 more
Speaker #2 more
Speaker #3 more
Johnny On The Spot more
General Evaluator Jolyn DeBoer
Evaluator #1 Cindy Petitt, CTM
Evaluator #2 more
Evaluator #3 more


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July 18 FastTrackers

President Rosemary Staples called the meeting to order and elicited  some comments from Paul Glick about his recent address to the State Insurance Planning Commission concerning the coming effects of the Affordable Care Act.

Rosemary  then introduced the Toastmaster of the Day Maureen Korzik.

There’s no way around it; Wordmaster Angel Flewelling challenged members to incorporate circumvent into their diction for the day.

David Premo posed the morning’s Table Topics questions. Cindy Foster responded describing her role as a mother being preparation for her current status as a grandmother. John Wigington  told of how one of his senior executives recently announced that he “owed it all to Toastmasters International.” John Turley delineated the features and activities that make a day a “perfect 10” for him.

In the planned speeches, Kathy Diello, explained the differences between a motivator and a nag. The key to success is carefully matching key motivators with each person’s personality type. Jolyn Deboer, took us on a whirlwind tour covering some 50,000 miles in one month. While living out of a suitcase, Jolyn dealt with business, a family death, and a sick daughter/travelling companion. Jane Jude then demonstrated a “hands free” application of PowerPoint in her speech “Don’t Lean on Your Lamppost.” She took an idea from the July 2014 issue of Toastmaster magazine and waltzed through a speech keeping in perfect step with 20 slides which changed at exactly 20-second intervals.

“Best” ribbons of the day went to John Turley and Jane Jude, along with Tom Drago for his evaluation of Kathy’s speech.

Forget the comedy club, on Friday, August 22,  FastTracker Toastmasters  will hold its annual Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest.

Dinner will begin at 6, in the Community Room of Palmetto Electric on Matthews Drive. The contest, and ensuing laughter, will follow promptly at 7pm. Dave Pautler will be Chief Judge; Tom Drago is making the arrangements and will serve as Contest Master for the event. Winners will advance to the Area 15 Contest on September 6.


Roles For July 25 Meeting                   Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
WordMaster Maureen Korzik
Ah Counter Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Grammarian John R Wigington
Vote Counter Elizabeth Millen, ATM-S
Timer Brad Tadlock
TableTopicsMaster Cindy Petitt, CTM
Speaker #1 Tom Drago
Speaker #2 Rex Gale
Speaker #3 Rex Gale
Johnny On The Spot Charlie McOuat, ATM-S
General Evaluator Alison Meeks, CTM
Evaluator #1 Chris Cassidy, CTM
Evaluator #2 Janet Turley
Evaluator #3 Janet Turley



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July 18 FastTrackers meeting at Palmetto Electric


Just a reminder  -  FastTrackers ToastMasters IS meeting at the Palmetto Electric building, Friday, July 18, NOT the Fire Station as was previously announced.

See you Friday.

Rosemary Staples

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TM 101.1 Giving a “Sandwich” Evaluation

Toastmasters,  …….**this is the first in a series of tips to help you understand Toastmasters and becoming a better speaker. Enjoy!
When you are an Evaluator, do you ever find yourself tongue-tied or disorganized? Anne Cyran once stated, “Good evaluations are the hardest thing to do in Toastmasters.” Very true, but who evaluates the evaluators? Often overlooked, these important commentators receive little feedback and even less direction. So…at the July 8 Board meeting, club officers decided to provide some tips for giving better evaluations.
We’ve included a recipe for the Sandwich Evaluation, or how to roll a meaty evaluation inside light-hearted wrappings!
Recipe for Sandwich Evaluation 
1. Begin with a strong positive statement about an aspect of the speech that impressed you most.
2. Highlight 3 or 4 positives about the speech and 1 or 2 areas for next time improvement.
3. Highlight one excellent point.
4. Close with words of encouragement.
REMEMBER: The meat is the most important part, but fine bread makes for the best sandwiches.  Always suggest at least one area for improvement and give specific suggestions on how to improve, ie. “Step into another spot on the stage between your transitions to signal another part of your story.”
P.S.While it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, new members should give at least four speeches before giving a first evaluation.
Rosemary Staples


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July 11 FastTrackers

Incoming president Rosemary Staples called the meeting to order and introduced the Toastmaster of the Day Tom Drago. Before turning the gavel over to Tom, Rosemary elicited from him some comments about his recent address to a meeting of area church leaders.

Wordmaster John Turley challenged members to incorporate palmy into their diction for the day.

Charlie McOuat posed the day’s Table Topics questions. Jolyn DeBoer spoke of her summer book reading habits, with the concession that this year, following the Netherlands’ team in its climb to a third place World Cup finish obviated much of her reading time. Alison Meeks explained her optimistic approach to the vicissitudes of life and left us all on a peak.

In the planned speeches, David Premo, noting that the information superhighway is also the road to the dump, warned of the pitfalls of taking the wrong exit and suggested how to find the most direct route to sound research. Janet Turley, claiming the southern roots of her childhood, offered a hilarious guide to becoming a Southern Belle. She left the audience with both the translations and proper delivery techniques of the unique dialect of “girls with pearls.” Who knew “bless your heart” is a curse?

“Best” ribbons of the day went to Jolyn and Janet, along with Beau Patterson for his evaluation of Janet’s speech.

Beau, a member of the board for 2013-14 officiated over the installation of the incoming board for 2014-15: President, Rosemary Staples; VP Education, Maureen Korzik; VP Public Relations, David Premo; VP Membership, Anne Cyran; Secretary, Kathy Diello; Treasurer, Rex Gale; Sargent at Arms, Sharon Fisher.

In her first remarks as president, Rosemary noted the challenge of maintaining the long tradition of success of prior boards, including the President’s Distinguished Club designation for the year ending June 30, 2014.

Mike Sanz, former FastTracker, attended. About a year ago, Mike left the area  for his career. Now he is returning to HHI and FastTrackers. Welcome back, Mike.

The July 18 meeting location has been changed back to the Palmetto Electric Community Room on Matthews Drive.

Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Maureen Korzik
WordMaster Angel Flewelling
Ah Counter Chris Cassidy, CTM
Grammarian Shannon Stephens
Vote Counter Cindy Petitt, CTM
Timer Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
TableTopicsMaster David Premo
Speaker #1 more
Speaker #2 Jolyn Deboer
Speaker #3 more
Johnny On The Spot Sharon Fisher
General Evaluator David Pautler, ATM-G
Evaluator #1 Tom Drago
Evaluator #2 Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Evaluator #3 Janet Turley


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