April 11 FastTrackers

Kathy Diello opened the meeting Friday morning, then turned control over to Toastmaster of the Day, Anne Cyran.
Sharon Fisher, as Table Topics Master, posed the question, “Where would you hide if your home was burglarized with you inside?” Dee Ouellette selected hiding in the hodgepodge of hubby’s tool shed, while Rosemary Staples would dash underneath the wide hoop of her manican’s Victorian dress. Eternal optimist, Susan Johnson, when asked what her favorite saying was, quoted, Life is terrific – which by the way, is inscribed on a pin she wears when she’s looking to strike up a “come hither” type conversation. Rosemary Staples won Best Table Topics.
Maureen Korzik, first speaker, told an enlightening tale about the 15o0 new words added annually in the Merian-Webster Dictionary..In summary….
Who knew that Selfie and Hangry and Digital Detox
Were  recently added to the human voice box?
That Frigidous and Babble  might best be omitted
According to Maureen in the next new edition
Now friends, did you  know that the combo word Phablet,
is smaller than a cell phone, bigger than a tablet?
A Babble of words Maureen read to FastTrackers
A new language bred by today’s human hackers
Oh, yes did I mention the invention of Twerk??
See what you miss when miss one day’s work?
We’ll see ya next week at Friday’s eclectic
FastTrackers meeting at Palmetto Electric!
Well if you’ve gotten this far, you will learn that second speaker, Chief Brad Tadlock talked about CPR, and that 40 percent of islanders are saved from death of sudden cardiac arrest by the use of this simple treatment. Simply call or shout 911, and press fast and firm on the chest until help arrives. Chief’s biggest message was…You cannot do damage by initiating CPR. More upcoming CPR classes will be held in the future, and Chief Brad will keep us apprised.
Finally, Angel Flewelling completed her Competent Communicator manual with an inspirational tenth talk about the power of our mind over our body and attitudes. Angel Flewelling won Best Speaker and Beau Patterson won Best Evaluator for his evaluation of Brad Tadlock’s talk.
FastTrackers will meet Friday, April 18 at 7:45 am.  See you then!  Roles are listed below.
Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
WordMaster Shannon Stephens
Ah Counter Chris Cassidy, CTM
Grammarian John R Wigington
Vote Counter Cindy Petitt, CTM
Timer Jim Giles
TableTopicsMaster Alison Meeks, CTM
Speaker #1 Charlie McOuat, ATM-S
Speaker #2 David Premo
Speaker #3 Laura Hill
Johnny On The Spot Jane Jude, ATM-G, AL
General Evaluator Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
Evaluator #1 David Pautler, ATM-G
Evaluator #2 Elizabeth Millen, ATM-S
Evaluator #3 signup
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April 4 FastTrackers

April 4 ToastMasters

President Elizabeth Millen opened  the FastTrackers  meeting with a genial announcement about next week’s  meeting….

  • Read and recall….
  • April 11 meeting of FastTrackers
  • will meet at the
  • Fire Station, 40 Summit Dr, HHI,
  • Directions: Off Dillon Rd., turn left on Gateway Circle. Take second right onto Summit Dr. Take first right after the Recycle Center *look for the Fire Rescue sign. Building is on the left, and plenty of parking is on the right.

Two visitors attended Friday, a gentleman named Jeff, who left early but indicated he would like to join.  And member Alison Griswold surprised us with her presence all the way from the beaches of Panama City.

Table Topics Master, Jane Jude got us in the mood to think about the upcoming Event Season on Hilton Head. Turns out Angel Flewelling’s favorite event was not even on the island – instead, she adores the Beaufort Water Festival and genially invited Toastmasters to stay at her home this July…I guess  it’s first come, first serve…Alison Griswold talked about the challenges rounding Sea Pines Circle in high school. Finally Dee Ouelette’s decision to attend every single island event on Hilton Head wooed the crowd’s heart and bought her Best Table Topics.

First prepared speaker was Dave Premo who spoke to knowing  your audience  in a speech on communication, decorated as always with delicious tidbits of trivia such as — did you know that in 1960, the science of Psychology was not even a science?  In other words, many of us were born before Psychology was a done deal??? Now that’s old and not a very genial thought……

Second speaker, Anne Cyran, deftly turned a “closing the sale talk” about Toastmasters into a funny and entertaining speech. Dave Premo took home the Best Speaker ribbon and David Pautler won Best Evaluator for his comments on Anne’s talk.

  • Look down for Friday roles and see you April 11,
  • at the FIRE STATION!!!
  • Let all your friends know of the change…
Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
WordMaster Alison Meeks, CTM
Ah Counter David Pautler, ATM-G
Grammarian Tom Drago
Vote Counter Daisy White
Timer Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
TableTopicsMaster Sharon Fisher
Speaker #1 Maureen Korzik
Speaker #2 Brad Tadlock
Speaker #3 Angel Flewelling
Johnny On The Spot Diane McMahon, CTM
General Evaluator Kathy Diello, ATM-S, AL
Evaluator #1 David Premo
Evaluator #2 Paul Boes
Evaluator #3 Cindy Foster, CTM
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March 28 FastTrackers

Congratulation to the Winners at the Friday, March 28 meeting of FastTrackers!

  • Table Topics; Diane McMahon
  • Best Evaluator: Elizabeth Millen
  • Best Speaker: Tom Drago

Role Assignments for April 4 are:

ToastMaster Tom Drago
WordMaster Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Ah Counter Angel Flewelling
Grammarian Elizabeth Millen, ATM-S
Vote Counter Brad Tadlock
Timer Alison Meeks, CTM
TableTopicsMaster signup
Speaker #1 David Premo
Speaker #2 Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
Speaker #3 Anne Cyran, ATM-S, CL
Johnny On The Spot Jim Bremner, ATM-B
General Evaluator Sharon Fisher
Evaluator #1 Rex Gale
Evaluator #2 David Pautler, ATM-G
Evaluator #3 David Pautler, ATM-G
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March 21 TrashMasters

March 21 ToastMasters

President Elizabeth Millen opened  the FastTrackers Toastmasters meeting Friday, March 21, with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by an invitation for members to highlight  their outside speaking engagements of the week: Helen Price spoke to a group about water quality, Jolyn DeBoer talked about tennis to a corporate group; Paul Glick spoke on the Affordable Care Act; Elizabeth Millen spoke to a group about the book, Lean-In and Rosemary Staples performed as Civil War era teacher, Eliza Ann Summers. An amazing week of outside speeches for FastTrackers, ostensibly due to the skills and training learned from our illustrious group of Toastmasters.

Table Topics Master, Kathy Diello got the group doing some tongue-twisting, trash-talking….Paul Glick, in his most understated manner, claimed the four qualities that make Paul, Paul. Claire Tulas was all about month-long birthday parties for  celebrants of every age. Finally, Jolyn DeBoer spoke passionately about sticking to one’s principles, a commentary which also won her Best Table Topics.

First Speaker, Janet Turley, gave a delightful think-outside-the-box talk on How to Do a Do-Over, even if it is in a different venue. Dave Premo toured us through Hilton Head’s   agricultural eras — from Indian harvesters 4,000 years ago to modern-day golfers, slicing and dicing their way through manicured courses. Rex Gale gave a tickling talk about the vast space between the worlds of Rotary and Digital, aka the times between Edison and Jobs. Janet Turley won Best Speaker of the day. Jane Jude won Best Evaluator for her critique of Dave Premo’s speech.

Look below for March 28 roles at FastTrackers. See you then…

Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Cindy Petitt, CTM
WordMaster Dorlis Ouellette
Ah Counter Paul Boes
Grammarian Maureen Korzik
Vote Counter Daisy White
Timer John Turley
TableTopicsMaster Rosemary Staples, ATM-S, AL
Speaker #1 Cindy Foster, CTM
Speaker #2 Tom Drago
Speaker #3 Jolyn Deboer
Johnny On The Spot Shannon Stephens
General Evaluator Helen M Price
Evaluator #1 Janet Turley
Evaluator #2 John R Wigington
Evaluator #3 Elizabeth Millen, ATM-S
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Area 15 Toastmaster Contest Winners

Winners of the Area 15  International Speech and Table Topics Contest, Saturday, March 15 were two FastTrackers: Charlie McOuat took third place, Jonas Gadson of the Beaufort Club placed second, and John Wigington took home the big prize!

Congratulations to FastTrackers, John Wigington and Charlie McOuat and to long-time member of the Beaufort club, Jonas Gadson.

Table Topics winners were: Dorothy Carlson and Bob Herrick from  Bluffton  took third and second place, respectively. Jonas Gadson was the first place winner in Table Topics.

Winners will go to the Division A Contest Saturday, March 29 in Charleston.

Congratulations to all who participated, and thanks to all the volunteers.  Any chance a group might band together for a day trip to Charleston to support our Area winners??? Think on it!

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FastTracker Meeting Changes


Please note the following dates; we will NOT be at the Palmetto Electric Building. Rather, we will meet at the Hilton Head Fire Department on Dillon Road.

April 11, 2014

July 18, 2014

October 31, 2014

Thank you.

Rosemary Staples

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March 14 FastTrackers

March 14 FastTrackers

President Elizabeth Millen opened  the FastTrackers meeting on Friday, March 14, with the Pledge of Allegiance and a reminder that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade will begin Sunday, March 16, 3pm at Coligny Circle.

Table Topics Master Janet Turley-out aggrandized herself, dealing an assortment of questions about Daylight Savings Time.  DSL  started in 1918 to save energy for Idaho farmers, a fact which induced contestants to to talk about sensitive cows, golf games, and French fries at Bonefish Grill.  Anne Cyran scooted in just in time to complain  how DSL always makes her late — but not too late to pick up the winning ribbon!  Anne won Best Table Topics of the Day.

First speaker of the day, Helen Price, demonstrated a cold-calling duo, using Susan Johnson as the foil.   Maureen Korzik talked about her son’s perseverance in his wrestling career  - and left not a dry eye out there! Maureen Korzik won Best Speaker and Chris Cassidy won Best Evaluator for her evaluation of Maureen’s heartwarming story.

Next week’s schedule is below.  A vote counter is needed so hop on to Club-online to sign up!

Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Helen M Price
WordMaster John Turley
Ah Counter Glenn Love
Grammarian Chris Cassidy, CTM
Vote Counter more
Timer Jim Giles
TableTopicsMaster Shannon Stephens
Speaker #1 Janet Turley
Speaker #2 David Premo
Speaker #3 Tom Berrigan
Johnny On The Spot Kathy Diello, ATM-S, AL
General Evaluator Tom Drago
Evaluator #1 Rosemary Staples, ATM-S, AL
Evaluator #2 Rex Gale
Evaluator #3 Diane McMahon, CTM
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FastTracker Winners!

FastTrackers, summary notes of Speech Contest…

Four members of the Fast Trackers club will advance to the Area contest on March 15, 9am at the Palmetto Electric building in Hardeeville.  John Wigington and Tom Drago placed first in the International and Table Topic contests, respectively competing against several formidable participants.  John gave an inspirational speech entitled “Go Light Your World” and Tom shared his hopes and dreams for the next generation.  Charlie McQuat and Helen Price won second place respectively and have also been invited to compete in the March contest.

Winners of the Area contest will compete in the District speech contest.  “Angel did a great job as Contest Master and brought a lot of new ideas for future contests” said Elizabeth Millen, President of Hilton Head Club.  http://www.toastmastershhi.org/

P.S. Contact Area Governor, Kathy Diello, kdiello@marykay.com, if you can help at Saturday’s contest. Volunteers are needed for judges, counters, timers and sargent-at-arms.


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March 7 FastTrackers

President Elizabeth Millen opened  the FastTrackers meeting on Friday, March 7, with proud commendations of  Angel Flewelling and Anne Cyran’s superior performance coordinating last week’s contest. Tom Drago and Helen Price won first and second place in the Table Topics portion while John Wigington and Charlie McOuat won first and second  in the Speech contest.  Winners will compete in the Area Club Contest on Saturday, March 15 at  Palmetto Electric in Hardeeville at 9:00 am. Judges and roleplayers are needed so please contact Area Governor, Kathy Diello if you can help.

 Angel Flewelling introduced her guest, Angel Ryan. So happens that Angel attended the club contest too, and apparently has no compunction about coming to two Toastmaster events within a week. Perhaps she will join and we will have two Angels in Friday FastTrackers.

Toastmaster Sharon Fisher, kicked off  with the news that TODAY was  the 100th anniversary of Oreo Cookies, the most popular cookie in the world, sold in over 100 countries!   And, she reminded us that Sunday is Daylight Savings Time, so remember to spring the clock forward  when you hit the sack Saturday night.

Chris Cassidy Table Topics Master induced Rex Gale, to talk about time spent while stuck in marathon-style highway traffic. Turns out Rex, with a Ph.D in CD’s, listens to the stories about our Founding Fathers, Albert Einstein and any other historical figure who inspires his interest. Did you know that Einstein, who blasted open the Theory of Relativity, could not qualify for a job as a mere teaching assistant? So many fascinating tidbits of trivia at Toastmasters.

We learned that Helen Price’s favorite group on the island is her fellow FastTrackers Toastmasters club. “You are the best,” she said with zest…And finally, Paul Glick described the worst job he ever had —the time he cleaned out a fully-stocked, commercial fridge that had been shut down for a month! Rex Gale won Best Table Topics.

First prepared speaker, Rosemary Staples, performed as Eliza Ann Summers, a young teacher who came to Hilton Head shortly after the Civil War. Angel Flewelling promoted Join Exchange, a non-profit group against child-abuse already in Beaufort, and  she she hopes to start a Bluffton/HHI chapter . Shannon Stepehens described the ups and downs, ins and outs of running shoes, and showed us how to match shoe styles to our individual foot. Expect to see some of us Toastmasters running in the next 5K event….

 Rosemary Staples won Best Speaker and Tom Drago picked up the Best Evaluator ribbon for his critique of Shannon Stephen’s speech.

Next week’s meeting roster!  Check your roles..

Roles Members Signed Up
ToastMaster Rosemary Staples, ATM-S, AL
WordMaster David Premo
Ah Counter Tom Drago
Grammarian Jim Bremner, ATM-B
Vote Counter Dorlis Ouellette
Timer Cindy Foster, CTM
TableTopicsMaster Janet Turley
Speaker #1 Helen M Price
Speaker #2 Maureen Korzik
Speaker #3 Paul Glick, ATM-S, CL
Johnny On The Spot more
General Evaluator Beau Patterson, ATM-S
Evaluator #1 Alison Meeks, CTM
Evaluator #2 Chris Cassidy, CTM
Evaluator #3 Paul Boes


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How to Judge a Speech Contest

Hey guys and gals, if you didn’t get enough of FastTrackers this morning, we are convening tomorrow at Palmetto Electric building from 9 to 11 for Judging 101.

Jane Jude and David Pautler will clue us in  us the finer arts of judging a speech contest. Part of the program will involve watching a speech, then judging the speeches, and comparing our scorecards. Fascinating! The only time ever you get to see inside a judge’s mind!

Not only does the class show how to be a better judge, it helps us become better speakers. Hope to see many of you there.

Rosemary Staples


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